Welcome to A-1 Broadcast

A-1 Broadcast

The first block of a newscast is the A-Block that includes the top stories of the day. The lead story in a newscast is labeled A-1, which is where we get our name. Just like A-1 represents the lead story, we believe our clients deserve a leader in the broadcast public relations industry.

A-1 Advantage

Unless you have worked inside a newsroom, it can be hard to understand how all of the parts fit together. That is the A-1 Broadcast advantage. A-1 Broadcast's producers and pitching staff have years of major market broadcast experience, which translates into successful projects and results.

Broadcast Media

Understanding the newsroom dynamic is key. Experience has taught us that anything is possible in broadcast news, and we understand that every newsroom and each newscast is made up of complicated and constantly moving parts.

Our Services

A-1 Broadcast works closely with clients to create media strategies that produce the best broadcast PR results in the industry.

Satellite Media Tours

Allows a spokesperson to be interviewed via satellite by as many as 30+ stations from around the country.

Radio Media Tours

Series of 10 minute radio interviews that allow your spokesperson to be interviewed by stations and networks across the country.

Internet Services

Internet Media Tours allow your spokesperson to be interviewed by webmasters and bloggers worldwide via LIVE streaming web video.

Event and In-Studio Pitching

Our renown pitching team can help take your campaign to the next level. We offer packages for broll distributions and in-studio pitching.

Corporate Video Production

We offer affordable and professional video production and editing.

Placement Services

We offer several audio and video media placement services. That will guarantee success on any project.