Media Placement

Secured Placement Package

A secured placement package is a pre-produced 90 second video package. Secured placement packages allow you to define specific market outreach. We work with our clients to design a package that will fit their campaign's needs and budget.


  • Assist in writing and developing a script that is in a news format
  • Talent Brokering (upon request)
  • Filming soundbites and b-roll
  • Hire professional voice talent
  • Video editing


  • Media brokering
  • Distribute the final edited piece to stations


  • Detailed audience impression reporting

  • Downloadable aircheck for every airing

Audio News Release (ANR)

An Audio News Release or ANR is a 60-second packaged news story, that airs at the top or bottom of a news break. The It can be distributed to national or statewide radio networks. We offer English or Spanish packages for a range of audience guarantees.


  • Craft news angle
  • Assist in writing and developing story


  • Hire professional voice talent
  • Record voice over and sound bites
  • Edit final piece

Distribution and Reporting

  • Distribute the ANR to networks

  • Full reporting of airings

Public Service Announcement (PSA)

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is a message in the interest of the public. The objective is raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue. The content of a PSA can be package as a 15, 30 or 60 second non-commercial announcement broadcast on radio or television. The PSA is sent to station's program directors to be placed into rotation. The PSA will air in the stations unfilled commercial inventory and can air for up to 1 year.

Topic Development

  • Help locate and secure spokesperson and/or voice talent
  • Develop and write PSA content

Production and Execution TV PSA

  • Experienced production crew which may include lighting director, photographer(s), audio tech, teleprompter, gaffers and best boys

  • Secure professional camera, sound and light packages
  • Provide catering and makeup services during PSA shoot
  • Edit final PSA using professional editing systems, graphics and music beds

Radio PSA

  • Record audio in professional sound studio
  • Distribute PSA to various radio stations

Distribution and Monitoring TV PSA

  • Distribute PSA to 800+ television stations nationwide
  • Follow up Sigma Encoding and Monitoring Services
  • Provide complete and detailed monthly reports for one year that include station airing and audience ad values

Examples of Our Work

Media Placement

Secured Placement Package

Media Placement

Secured Placement Package

Media Placement

Audio News Release

Media Placement

Audio News Release

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