We know that you are still trying to figure out how to pivot your current strategies considering the current news climate. As Broadcast PR Specialists, we can advise you on how to revamp your communications to be relevant, given the global impact of COVID-19. We are currently taking calls at (770) 790-3690 to assist you with altering your strategies in real-time.

A-1 Broadcast is still actively working on media projects. We have found that even with the Coronavirus, television and radio programs are still on-air and broadcasting daily.

There is heavy coverage of COVID-19, but the media still needs lifestyle and consumer-based content to fill their shows. With our long-standing relationship with the media, many producers have been reaching out to A-1 Broadcast to see if we are able to provide any content. This leaves us in a situation that provides some unique opportunities to shine a positive light on your brand and how it can help consumers.

Tips to help keep your branding intact while providing strong news content for stations:

  1. Don’t be fearful of the news cycle. Be mindful of your content, but do not disappear. It is okay to share your product messaging.
  2. What is your brand doing to help the community during COVID-19? This is especially true for our hospitality, insurance, and retail clients. Answering the question about what precautions you are taking, i.e.: cleaning procedures, keeping your insurance up to date and/or how the brand is lowering co-pays currently, and more, is important news messaging.
  3. Limit the amount of times the brand name is mentioned. Keep the story informative, and more “News You Can Use” focused.

Also, the safety and security of our clients and business partners always comes first. A-1 Broadcast offers the following:

  • During COVID-19, A-1 Broadcast is extending reduced rates on SMTs conducted in our Atlanta Studio. We can assist with finding a local Atlanta talent that will meet with your brand expertise/needs.
  • We have our own studio in Atlanta, GA; but we also have studios available in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and pretty much every metropolitan city in the country. What this means for you is that you do not have travel for SMTs. We have a live viewing stream available so you can make changes to talent messaging or the set, in real-time, but from your office or home.
  • A-1 Broadcast can assist in finding local talent in cities, so that you don’t have to risk your talent not being able to reach the tour destination due to a travel ban.
  • Media training your spokesperson to help field questions about COVID-19.

Finally, please know that if you should have to postpone a project, we completely understand. You will not be charged full cancellation fees. We are working with our vendors to reduce any hard cost associated with the postponement of a tour due to COVID-19.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Outside of SMTs, we offer Radio Media Tours, Online Media Releases, Internet Media Tours and B-Roll Distribution Packages. Let us work with you to develop your plans on your strategies during this time. We are always here to assistant you with all your Broadcast PR needs.

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